Manchester Gallery- Fashion and Freedom


I went with my mum to Manchester Gallery to see the ‘100 Years of Vogue’ exhibition which was good although, given that it’s mainly a magazine about eye shadow and skirts it would have been nice to have more information about why the images were significant.   Back in the 1940’s they published Lee Miller’s war photography, and in the 1990’s about four million pictures of Kate Moss. Continue reading

The Call of the Wild by Jack London- Book Review

This book has been on my radar since series 3 of Buffy. The gang are studying The Call of the Wild in English, at the same time Angel returns from a demonic hell dimension seemingly wild from the experience.  The author, Jack London is also a minor character in a Star Trek TNG episode where the Enterprise gang go back in time.  So marrying Buffy and Star Trek is guaranteed to get my attention. I’m so all of you that spend your time reading rather than watching old sci-fi TV shows are fascinated by this, rest assured the book is not set in space. Continue reading

Spider’s Web by Agatha Christie and Charles Osbourne- Book Review

wp-1474226570926.jpgSpider’s Web is a play by Agatha Christie that has been adapted into a book by Charles Osbourne in 2000.

You can tell it’s a play, with the usual Christie tropes ramped up to 11, people with fake identities, dead bodies in the study, and secret passages.  I can sort of see how it would have made an entertaining enough play but as a book it was somewhat lacking.  Continue reading

Leggings- First Attempt

I am very much of the opinion that leggings (as usual worn by contemporary ladies) are really a type of underwear.  They are not trousers, they are see-through.  And you know they are see-through, that’s why you are wearing a thong with them so that people can’t see your underwear, but now they can see your bum… Continue reading